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Sansei: Thajské masáže Karlovy Vary

Sansei: Thai Massage Karlovy Vary

Sansei Karlovy Vary offers traditional Thai massage. Select a Thai massage from our offer and allow your body and soul to regenerate in the pleasant ambience of our spa centre in Karlovy Vary. Thai massage relaxes the spine and muscles, enhances joint mobility, and enforces the nervous system. More about the history and the effects of Thai massage »


About Sansei

Sansei is an exclusive salon where you may experience the wonders of traditional Thai massage and its variations performed by qualified therapists from Thailand. Select from our abundant offer of Thai massages and pamper your body and mind with the ultimate relaxing experience...

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Gift Vouchers

Treat your friends and family to a relaxing Thai massage at Sansei Karlovy Vary. Give them an experience that will bring them physical and mental relief. You may purchase gift vouchers of different values directly at Sansei...

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Online Booking

You may book your Thai massage at Sansei in person, by phone or online using the booking form on our website. Enter the preferred date and time of your massage and we will either confirm your booking or offer an alternative appointment...

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Sansei Royal Thai Massage Sansei Royal Thai Massage Sansei Royal Thai Massage Sansei Royal Thai Massage Sansei Royal Thai Massage Sansei Royal Thai Massage

About Thai Massage and Its Effects

Thai massage is an effective means for the treatment of various muscle disorders, as well as of long-term or chronic illnesses. During the massage, various energy points on your body are stimulated, stretched, and pressed to optimize the flow of energy in your body. The aim is to harmonize the body and mind, and to bring overall physical and mental relief ... More information


Christmas gift vouchers with a 50% discount

(25.11.2013 | category: Thai massage |

Christmas is coming near unstoppably. Surprise your loved ones by a Christmas gift in the form of Thai massage in Karlovy Vary. We offer you a... More information


Chocolate Dream - A new massage for lovers of sweet

(21.01.2013 | category: Thai massage |

Chocolate dream Luxurious combination for your beauty and well being.The beneficial effect of 100% chocolate slows down the process of premature... More information


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SANSEI Royal Thai Massage

SANSEI Royal Thai Massage
Lázeňská 1, Karlovy Vary
+420 353 229 458
+420 775 052 595
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